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Anyone who has worked in the medical field or has children of their own knows that there is a great need for children in this community to be seen by qualified professionals when their Pediatricians’ offices are closed. We opened After Hours in August 2001 to address this need. We are the only ‘after hours’ pediatric urgent care facility in the Greater St. Louis and St. Charles area, and the welcoming response from the community has been phenomenal.

Families are thrilled with the quality of care, the short waiting time and the low cost. They receive prompt evaluation and treatment. This may include medications or simply reassurance, thereby avoiding an expensive and time-intensive trip to the Emergency Room.

Our patients’ primary physicians are very satisfied by how efficiently we communicate with them, thus enabling them to maintain complete medical records. We have built both sites on positive referrals: not just from patients and their parents, but from the numerous pediatricians who refer their own patients here.